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Ct. Legislative Civilian Police Oversight Committee Hearing, 1996


8 speakers, Chairman Ritt Goldstein proposes Ct. police oversight law of Standing Committee On Law Enforcement Development/SCOLED: Speakers Bill Collins former 8-year Norwalk Mayor and Police Commission Chairman experienced that The public has no control of police ruled exclusively by the Police Union, bad and good policemen will not testify against one another, once Internal Affairs investigates a case there is no other recourse.  Further violence lies ahead because there is no remedy for police misconduct, many shootings of blacks cause riots, out-of-town police wore ski masks and no IDs visible raiding low-income housing complex, took suspects to a harbor warehouse for questioning, cries need for an independent fully-empowered Police Review Board; Dave Jaffe civil rights attorney Chairman of Caucus of Ct. Democrats, for every case brought forward there are 99 others hidden, the F.B.I. has civil rights jurisdiction but usually does nothing; Bob Davidson Chairman of Ct. Reform Party and United We Stand America; Brian Chris Reeder National Org. For Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement and 1995 Executive Director Indiana Citizen’s Police Complaint Office in Indianapolis; Hector Soto 1993 Director of N.Y. City Civilian Complaint Review Board with 74 investigators, 1980-85 police brutality lawsuits paid out $82 million with 3 times that pending, 1 case of $500 million; Marlene Jennings 1968 Quebec Deputy Commissioner of Police Ethics, member Canadian Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, and Vice-President International Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement; and Professor John Britton Ct. law professor.

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