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Information Pioneers Publisher (IPP) was founded in 1996 by Dr. Joseph B. Marion, N.D. in Woodstock Connecticut livicated to provisioning the world with cutting-edge exploratory adventurous Literature enhancing the human condition beyond our present mental and cultural frontier. Beginning with Earth’s foremost Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health 4th Edition of 1,856 pgs. brimming with data on 1,600 human ailments and thousands of ancient natural remedies; The latest-greatest nutrient Indium New Mineral Discovery of The 21st Century for quantum-leap to Level-2 double-triple mineralized “Easy Living”; Weapons of Consciousness -Optimal System Design offers paradigm-shattering concepts of sustainable now-age superculture; American Freesmart™ - Common Law Sovereignty blueprints bottlenecks and the righteous path to rational stable-state self-government of patriot volunteers actuating Marion’s One Law (to) “Create No Victim”; Citizens of Force Born Into Slavery - Connecticut 1950-2013 Baptism By Fire chronicals a half-century of Connecticut state government police/court/probate incorrigible corruption and victimizings; The Hollyweird exposé Wiretapped - A Stalker In Malibu Thinks He’s Jimmy Bondage describes power-trippers’ conspiracy molesting innocence begging imprisonment; Josie Marion Freesmart™ explains responsible common law Freeholder Sovereignty upgraded from “freedumb”; The revolutionary O.N.E. Party™ of “Our Natural Earth” Council of Real People; 120 FrontierFox New Words Centennial evolves language to better express higher consciousness kinship with divinity, predecessed by and eventuating Sovereign freesmart; The Marion Clan Legacy of Jesus/Mary royal bloodline Holy Grail; The compendium Why The End...organizes thousands of years’ Prophecy to enable sacred-seed survivors. Compact Discs/CDs include: United Nations Heritage Corridors takeover of U.S. state and national parks; Conn. Civilian Oversight of Police Hearings; Airplane Stuntflying; Natural Health TV Shows; Exposes of Connecticut Corruption; and
 All Fired-Up Pottery Manufacture.
Thanks to Information Pioneers’ patriotic publishing enslaved citizens can learn how to avoid demoralizing criminalization and infringements against original freeheld Sovereignty. With the informative lessons Info.Pioneers here presents life improves as the old world odor is exposed and rid, hooray FrontierFox! Beware corrupt politicians, police, judges et al. We may investigate, report, chastize and chronolog seditious betrayal of your Oath/contract, which unresolved pervity intends karmic doom for our American heritage of non-victimizing Freeholder freeheld Sovereignty impervious to despots. Information Pioneers’ biocosmic logic facts cleanse inefficiency and crooked corruption from Earth, replaced by shining character ethics proclaiming thoughtful Words of truthlight stronger than sword steel, accelerating conscious self-governant freeheld culture of sovereign freesmart.


S. Michael Howell, Las Vegas, NV

"To Dr. Joseph Marion; First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Marion for my health, the health of my family and the health of my friends. I feel very strongly that he is a genius and should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for literature for the finest book I have ever read. The facts contained in his book will save the lives of many people and bring a better quality of life to whomever reads it and follows his advise. My mother is just one example whom this book has helped. She was on Paxil for over 14 years and before I bought his book, she couldn't be without her medication or she would go into deep depression, tremendous fear, anxiety and just horrendous emotions that it would break my heart as I felt so helpless. I began reading Dr. Marions book and recommended that she try some new and natural methods, ie., Indium, Royal Jelly, bee pollen, Chlorella and better eating habits. My mother just turned 60 on April 12th and she has the spirit and health of a young woman-- this just 8 months of being off Paxil. I write these words strickly form one man's own feelings from the heart, mind and spirit ! It will be one of my greatest honors to meet and thank this man in person for I will never be able to praise and thank Dr. Marion enough!!!"

David Perschon, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Thanks for all of your work in publishing such an incredible book."

John Pollard, Edge of the Woods Natural Foods Market, New Haven, Connecticut

"I always appreciate the great book you have, the Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health, Joe. It's really the best I've ever seen in this industry. I use it all the time, and recommend it to our customers."

Denise Donovan, D.D.C., San Clemente, Cal

"We have used your book as our 'bible' of information. We have found it to be truthful and to the point. Thank you for all your hard work. We would like to use some of the information stated in your book in our explanations of what is in our products."

Sharon Belland, Milford, Massachusetts

"Several months ago I visited the Sunrise Trading Company, who shared your amazing book the Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health with me."

Robert Redeen, Pennsylvania

"I am reading the Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health day by day. What an extraordinary accomplishment for one man to do."

Vance Maxwell, Park City, Utah

"I want you to know that I have gained much from your Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health, and thusly many others as well because of you. Thank you muchly!!!"

Adam Tate, Heathridge, Western Australia

"Let me congratulate Joseph Marion for writing such a thorough and comprehensive resource - Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health. I am so excited and impressed with your book. Let me commend you on producing such a wonderful resource."

Chuck Hoeft, Houston, Texas

"Your wonderful book."

Louise Hotten, San Diego, California

"Please tell Mr. Marion I love his book. I thank him for writing such an all-inclusive tome on health."

Gordon Ring, Pennsylvania

"Fantastic Manual, could only have been done with a huge computer memory."

Linda, Boulder, Colorado

"I am delighted even more about the book. I have 300+ books and I know if I ever have to downsize, Joseph's book will be the 1st one saved."

Dr. Howard Davis, L.A., Cal

"I have been researching for over 35 years and I must say, your Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health is the best. NO ONE and I repeat - NO ONE has accomplished so great a task as yours! The Manual is so detailed and comprehensive that sometimes I find myself saying, 'Certainly Marion hasn't covered this element - but sure enough, there it is! You are to be congratulated for such an astounding Manual. I have and shall continue to recommend your Manual to others."

Dr. John Power, Croydon, Victoria, Australia

"The content of the book is excellent and will be of great use in my clinical practice."

J. Foran, Tolland, Ct.

"After looking over a copy, all I can say is excellent, very accurate."

Dr. April Johnson, The Healing Center, Monument Beach, Massachusetts

"I use your Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Natural Health as a reference guide all the time. I'm a dentist, natural health care and environmental stress consultant. People don't yet realize the trauma that occurred to our Health by the 9-11 tradgedy. On Cape Cod we all became very ill, and are lucky to have survived this event. The technological stress and the electromagnetic pollution sections (of the book) were a guide for me to identify the worst offenders to our health on Cape Cod...battleground from military radar, satellites, microwaves, cell phones et all."